Types of Ceremonies Other Than Weddings

35 year renewal with adult children participating in the celebration

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Commitment Ceremony


One of my favorite Baptisms, shyat firstthe children offer their mahalos with love and kisses after the ceremony.


Family and friends releasing prayers, tears, laughter and flowers into the ocean

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Renewal of Vows
The Renewal of Vows ceremony is simply awonderful way to say
I love you more now than ever. Many couples choose to renew their wedding vows on Maui because it is one of the most romantic places on the planet. As always, a copy of the ceremony is yours to keep.

Civil Union for those who choose not to or cannot legally marry but would like a ceremony that honors their commitment.(Same Sex Marriage is legal in the state of Hawai’)

What does it mean for two people who want to create alife together andwho want to create alifetogether andeither cannot marrylegally or have simply choose not to for personalreasons?
A Civil Union orcommitment ceremony canbecomeyour way ofexpressingyour gratitude for what you havealready been through andwhat has yet to be. Yourceremonyis an expression of yourcommitment toyour relationshipand an expression of gratitude.A willingness to enter into a new life together in spiritual union with one another. Your voice, your experience, your life.


Maui is so very spiritual, the custom of blessings are a sacred tradition here. Whether it is a blessing of your commitment to one another or a new home or business, the power of prayer is both
healing and remarkable.


The last Baptism I did was for a one year old in Lahaina. She was a natural mermaid, we cradled her in the water for a few moments, no tears. One of the most important parts of the ceremony were the family, their prayers and future involvement in the life of this child were requested by the child's mother and father and blessed by God. We joined our thoughts and sincere goodwill, asking that a mantle of peace embrace the family and surround the child for all her days.

Memorial Ceremony, Spreading of the Ashes
Thisis a very sacred spiritual ritual, releasing a lovedone to their journey and honoring your continuedjourney in life. For many people, Maui has helped to make unforgettable memories. If you have lost a loved one and Maui was a special place for them, it would be an honor to offer a service to lighten your heart and those of your family and friends.

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